Futures and Forex Intensive

  • How to catch the BIG MOVE! The Big Money is made on the Big Move! In the Largest Market!
  • How to find the right kinds of trades.
  • How to dominate the Forex and Futures markets! We will provide an easy, simple, and even fun way to make money.
  • How to start making money on Monday! Implement a precise and rule-driven system that can
    enable you to make money quickly, if you follow the system.
    With this course you will:

    • Gain two days of teaching by Courtney Smith, a Master Trader with more than 40 years of trading and investing experience.
    • Understand the highly critical psychology of trading and how to optimize it for trading success.
    • Learn a proven approach to risk management, the second most important element in trading, to help reduce risk and boost your profits.
    • Gain easy techniques on how to buy and sell. Courtney’s techniques have been improved over years to help compound your money exponentially.
    • Access the Futures and Forex website once you complete the course. This contains hours of video training for you to learn at your own pace.
    • Implement a precise and rule-driven system that will enable you to make money Monday morning.


      Silver Circle

      Prerequisite: Stocks Ideal Business Seminar, Futures and Forex Ideal Business Seminar, or Freedom Trader University
      Silver Circle is a premiere yearly subscription program dedicated to teaching you how to make money in nearly any market.

      Second only to Gold Circle, This program has many added benefits:

      • Weekly Webinar Each Tuesday
      • Freedom Trader University Students pay $9,995 for access to these calls with Courtney LIVE, where in addition to hearing Courtney’s analysis of the current market, you’ll be able to get your individual questions answered right on the call! Courtney will share cutting-edge educational content regarding the global economy and other timely topics of the week.

      • Silver Circle 2014 Website
      • An exclusive website ONLY for Silver Circle Members. You’ll get FREE access to the 2014 Silver Circle website and recordings, including educational videos and special webinar presentations throughout the year.

      • Follow My Stock Trades and Follow My Futures/Forex Trades
      • Each day the market is open, Courtney’s trades are listed for you to view. You will get access to all of Courtney’s stock trades, as well as his futures and his forex trades! This benefit alone is worth double the price of the Silver Circle Membership, and has been the favorite and most requested by our students. Total Value: $10,000

      • Special Trade Alerts
      • WOW! We will soon begin sending out Instant Trade Alerts from time to time to you via text messaging, so that you can have up-to-date trading news as it happens! Did I say WOW? Value at LEAST: $497/month

      • Unlimited Zendesk Support for all your Trade Related Questions
      • You’ll have unlimited email support through our Zendesk support system, offering you technical assistance and client care. This service is PRICELESS!

      • VIP Seating at WealthBuilder LLC Events
      • Since we recognize Silver Circle members as a very unique and special group of traders, when you pay your tuition for any WealthBuilder Events that you choose to attend, we will automatically upgrade you to VIP seating at no additional charge*. You will be seated up front and center so you don’t miss out on any of Courtney’s fantastic teachings!

      *This does not include any Peak Potentials events or any other events through any other promoters we may partner with.

      As you all know, Courtney LOVES to “over-deliver” so in addition to all the fantastic benefits listed here, you can also expect bonuses and surprises throughout the year!

      And, last but not least, you cannot even begin to put a price on what the connection to our trading family for support and ongoing education could be worth! Our students find that when they stay connected and surround themselves with other like-minded, serious traders, their success sky-rockets! We’re excited that so many have formed their own mastermind groups to help each other follow the rules and hold each other accountable. Due to this, many new and close friendships have been created. How COOL is that?! I’m always impressed by the generosity of spirit and overall caring that I see displayed by so many of you.


      How to Make a Living Trading Futures and Forex


      Live Trading Room


      Extreme Profits


      Wealthbuilder Summit


      Gold Circle

      Personal Mentoring— 3 hours over a year of one on one personal mentoring with Court-
      ney Smith. Can be one half day or 6 half hour sessions, your choice.

      • 3 hours over a year of one on one coaching with our mentoring staff.
      • Online trading journal that Courtney can look over your shoulder.
      • Quizzes and exercises to make sure you understand the material.

      10 Emergency Phone Calls to Courtney’s Cell phone.

      Three Times a Week Webinar – With Courtney, What is happening in the Markets? How is the current news effecting all of the markets? Listen and ask questions almost nightly with Courtney and staff.

      Gold Circle 15 Website— One location to access the educational material, daily trades,and latest market news when Courtney believes his insight would benefit your trading.

      • Instructional Videos— Insight, techniques and so on.
      • Trade Plans Videos—So you know when, why and where to get in the trade.
      • Trade Monitoring—An current update on our open positions.
      • All Weekly Monday– Thursday (3x) Webinars are archived.
      • Follow Courtney Trades and Special GC Trades.

      Special Events: Twice a year we will have members only educational & networking events.

      • Free Access to all of WealthBuilder Educational Events!
      • Free VIP Access to all of WealthBuilder Events which includes Cocktail/Dinner party,first in seating at all events, paid parking, plus more!!
      • Access to all Options University website and paid programs.
      • Access to all educational WealthBuilder Websites.

      Chat Room— only members of the group can attend. Courtney and Staff will be in the chat room most days 24/7 discussing trading ideas real time. Chat logs are archived so you can review.

      Chance to win Coaching Member of the year. Where we give you an all the expense paid vacation on the Las Vegas Strip.

      Contact us today to find out more information about this once in a lifetime opportunity!