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It’s not about money. Yes, money counts. But it’s much more than that. It’s about independence and living life on your terms. You set the standards and choose what, where and how you will be fulfilled. This isn’t for the faint of heart or for ramblers who drift through life without purpose. This is for people who have the responsibility, discipline and accountability to make it happen. Choose to be among those who have achieved the financial freedom lifestyle. Choose wealth and independence. Choose to truly BE FREE.

Mission Statement: WealthBuilder LLC is a global leader in promoting and delivering the financial freedom lifestyle through financial education, extensive customer support, and programs that result in real profits for retail clients.

Courtney Smith

Our founder, Courtney Smith is a Master Trader with over 40 years experience. As a trader, author, money manager, educator and speaker, Courtney “walks the talk.” Many trading “gurus” teach a system but are not always successful traders. Courtney has developed his own winning system for trading that outshines some of the greatest traders on Wall Street! He is the only person in history to have a top ranked mutual fund, stock picking newsletter, futures newsletter and hedge fund. He is the author of nine books on trading and has appeared on TV over 1000 times. His students love his laid back way of teaching and his easy to follow “rules” for trading.