Stock Trading Success School

The Stock Trading Success School is a live two-day comprehensive seminar that will teach you what you need to know to start making money in the stock market.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • The correct psychology for winning in the market, and how to develop that psychology
  • Proven and verifiable techniques to profitably trade stocks
  • Two time-tested trading strategies you can put to work immediately, even if you’ve never traded before
  • How to identify stocks that are the “Best of the Best,” which are the stocks that should dramatically

outperform the market

  • A technique that guarantees you will catch the big moves in your “Best of the Best” stocks
  • How to keep your risk low, while maximizing your profits
  • How to know when individual stocks, as well as the entire market, will make massive reversals
  • Key seasonal trends that you can jump on to predict the market and make money from those predictions
  • How to use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to trade the “Hot Hands” in the market
  • How to tell in advance whether the market is going to move higher or lower
  • How to execute your orders so that you squeeze that last little bit of money out of your stocks

This seminar also gives you member’s-only access to the remarkable
Stock Success School Online membership site. Access is by invitation only, and contains hours of video instruction on the techniques taught in the seminar, plus many other bonus techniques to help you make money in the market. On this site, you will find hours of instruction that takes you through the various techniques to make them easy to understand. And, you get to move through them all at your own pace! People have paid thousands of dollars for the online course alone and you will receive access for FREE when you register for Stock Trading Success School!


Options University Academy

5 week online options training course

  • Five 2 hour sessions (10 hours total) of ON DEMAND online instruction!
  • Five 1 hour live Q&A sessions (5 more hours total) every Thursday for 5 weeks from 6-7 PM Pacific Time



    Options Success School Online


    How to Quite Your Job Trading Stocks and Options

    What if he could show you a system to make money consistently every day? Would you be able to create enough income to consider leaving you “JOB“???

    Join Our Elite Group of Winners Who Trade to Gain Freedom!

    When you attend How To Make a Living as a Trading Stocks & Options , you will:

    • Learn Courtney’s powerful techniques used for intraday trading
    • Learn how to use risk management rules to maximize your profits and minimize your losses
    • Learn how to pick the right stocks, as well as when to buy and sell
    • Learn how to identify both market open and market close strategies
    • Learn simple, step-by-step instructions—even newbies can do it!
    • Learn how to use options to hedge your trading portfolio
    • Learn how to use options to make money in all markets (even side-ways markets)


    WealthBuilder Family Reunion (WealthBuilder Summit)

    Exclusive WealthBuilder Alumni Only Event we put on as a thank you for our WealthBuilder Students to keep them up to date on the latest finding from our research team and help take their trading to the next level


    Gold Circle

    Personal Mentoring— 3 hours over a year of one on one personal mentoring with Court-
    ney Smith. Can be one half day or 6 half hour sessions, your choice.

    • 3 hours over a year of one on one coaching with our mentoring staff.
    • Online trading journal that Courtney can look over your shoulder.
    • Quizzes and exercises to make sure you understand the material.

    10 Emergency Phone Calls to Courtney’s Cell phone.

    Three Times a Week Webinar – With Courtney, What is happening in the Markets? How is the current news effecting all of the markets? Participate and ask questions.

    Gold Circle Website— One location to access the educational material, daily trades,and latest market news when Courtney believes his insight would benefit your trading.

    • Instructional Videos— Insight, techniques and more.
    • Trade Plans Videos—So you know when, why and where to get in the trade.
    • Trade Monitoring—An current update on our open positions.
    • Replays of Live Weekly Webinars 3 times a week are archived for review.
    • Follow Courtney’s Trades and Special GC Trades.

    Special Events: Twice a year we will have Gold Circle members only educational & networking events.

    • Free Access to all of WealthBuilder Educational Events!
    • Free VIP Access to all of WealthBuilder Events which includes Cocktail/Dinner party,first in seating at all events, paid parking, and more!!
    • Access to all Options University Bachelor Program.
    • Access to all educational WealthBuilder Websites.

    Chat Room— only members of the group can attend. Courtney and Staff will be in the chat room most days 24/7 discussing trading ideas real time. Chat logs are archived so you can review.

    Contact us today to find out more information about this once in a lifetime opportunity!