Letter for my father's subscribers

Dear friends and supporters of Courtney Smith,

It is with deep sorrow I need to share with you the passing of my father, Courtney D. Smith, in Dubai. The details are still unclear, but he has had health issues for the past few years, so it wasn’t totally unexpected. That he passed doing what he loved, on the road travelling around the world, is a blessing and what he would have wanted.

I want to express my deep gratitude to all of you for the support you’ve given my father. I know that in his seminars and interactions with all of you he gained more value and meaning in life than he ever could when he was in the corporate investment banking world. He loved travelling to every country he could on every continent, meeting with people from all walks of life, and sharing his knowledge with you. When I was with him I saw first-hand how much you all meant to him, and the joy he would feel when he’d learn that you had been successful in trading and how it improved your lives. All of you made him a happier person, and gave his life purpose and something to truly look forward to. That he could spend the last 15 or so years of his life being the person he truly wanted to be couldn’t have been done without all of you, and for that I am grateful.

While I share his name as Courtney D. Smith Junior, and like him and his father before him, I have devoted my life to learning, analyzing and sharing what I’ve discovered with others, we all found different fields to find our own paths. It is with deep regret that I have to share with you that his newsletters, videos and seminars will have to come to an end. There is no way I could hope to replace him, he was one of a kind.

I know nothing would please him more than your trading success. I’m sure he would want to remind you one last time to be disciplined and follow the rules.

I wish you all the best in trading and in life.

Once again, my thanks to all of you,

Courtney D. Smith Jr.

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